Taka – taste, from  the Gunditjmara language from South West Victoria

Taka Gin co. was created for the fusion enthusiast, the thrill seeker, the culture maker. Experience a different kind, a special kind an identity inspired by Indigenous fusion flavours from First nations people’s foods.

Crafted with 9 amazing ingredients!

Juniper, Coriander, Angelica root, Cassia chips, Finger lime, Orris root, Native Lemon Myrtle, Native lemon scented gum, Dessert limes

The journey to make Taka Gin co. was inspired by our creative fusion food we currently create through our company Pawa Catering.  During a session of ideas and brainstorming we kept coming back to food and drinks we love to experience. The first thought was how we could really offer something special from first nations peoples native foods and through some testing, research and experimentation we nailed down some key native edible plants that would really give the senses a real experience. Our aim was to create a gin with native botanicals that had not yet been used. And so Taka Gin co. was created in our home, while in lockdown.

We are a family business with director Aboriginal woman Niyoka Bundle & Manx man, Vincent Manning and our son Finlo Manning. 

Meet our team

Niyoka, Owner and Operator of Pawa Catering

Cooking comes naturally to me. It’s something I’ve done for my family from a very young age. So, I decided to start my own business – a lifelong dream of mine – and Pawa Catering was born.

My catering business allows me to do what I love while showcasing all of the incredible First Nations Indigenous ingredients many Australians haven’t had the opportunity to try.

My mother is from the Gundijtmara people in Warrnambool, Victoria. My father is from the Yuin people of Bega, New South Wales. Wherever I can, I like to use ingredients from my families’ countries.

I’ve always been inspired by my grandfather, who revived the Gunditjmara language and helped keep our culture alive. Naming my catering company Pawa felt natural, a way to honour him.

Today, I continue to work to better my business. I try new recipes and experiment with new native ingredients. It’s my passion, and I want to share it with Australia and the world. Now we have Taka Gin co.  to further develop.

Vincent, Owner and Head Chef of Pawa Catering

Originally from the Isle of Man, I have more than a decade of experience as a chef. I enjoy combining my passion for traditional French and Italian cuisine with Indigenous ingredients and flavours. Taka gin is a passion of mine and working with the native flavours to create a fresh experience was a fun journey.