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Taka means taste, from our Gunditjmara language from South West Victoria.

Taka Gin co. was created for the fusion enthusiast, the seeker, the culture maker: a phytochemical feel good fusion of culture, taste and flavourful compounds of creation.

Experience a different taka, a special taka, an identity inspired by First Nations native botanicals.

Native Fusion Gin - Spirit of Australia

@VickiCouzens - Artwork represents the phytochemical molecular components of the flavours of Taka Gin ingredients.

Amazing graphic design by Leon Designs https://leondesign.co/

100% First Nations - Leon Design is a First Nations owned and operated creative consultant specialising in conceptual design to bring ideas to life.

Founded and run by Waanyi and Kalkadoon woman, Keisha Leon, Leon Design is informed by over 10 years of experience in both commercial and client-side design.


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